Orange Passes

A Juicy Solution for Hall Passes

More Information

Orange Passes is an online hall pass system, created by Courtney Jackson (Class of 2022), Israk Ayasin (Class of 2022), Simion (Max) Stratton (Class of 2024), and Jeffery Borland (Teacher). It is a technology solution to hall passes. The name Orange Passes pays tribute to the old paper orange hall passes at Deering High School.

The Way it Works

For all users, you can access Orange Passes by typing in or going to and clicking the Orange Passes logo.

Student Use

  1. Login with your school student email.
  2. Once directed to the pass create screen, select where you would like to go (bathroom, nurse, or other). If "other" is selected, a text box will appear and students will be prompted to type where else they would like to go.
  3. After selecting, choose the teacher's classroom you are in.
  4. Press "Create Pass" once all information is correct.
  5. Students will be directed to a "Waiting for Approval" screen.
  6. Upon approval by a teacher, students will be directed to a "Pass In Use" screen. Upon return, press the "Return" button.

Staff Use

  1. Staff will log in with their school email.
  2. Upon logging in, staff will be brought to a screen showing passes that are requested.
  3. When a student requests a pass, an approval for that student will appear at the top of your screen. Press the check mark to approve or the X to deny. Pass requests will automatically delete after 20 minutes if not approved.
  4. After approval, all students who have left the room will be listed with the time and reason.
  5. At the top, there's a menu bar with links to important screens.
    • "My Students" button directs you to the pass approval screen.
    • "All Students Out" button directs you to a list of all students in the halls.
    • "Statistics" button leads to a screen with _____.
    • On the right side, there's an "Admin" button that takes you to a screen with the list of all teachers at your school. For more information about school creation, look at "How to Create a School" and "Adding Staff".

How to Create a School

  1. Press the "Join" button on the homepage to go to the school creation page.
  2. Type in the name of your school. (This can be changed later if needed)
  3. Provide the email domain associated with all school accounts in the system (e.g.,
  4. Select your time zone.
  5. Click "Submit" when done.

Adding Staff

  1. You can add staff in two ways: one at a time (useful for new staff) or using a CSV for bulk upload.
  2. For adding a staff member, you need their first name, last name, and their full email.
  3. For CSV upload, prepare a CSV with three columns: first name, last name, and staff member's full email.

Editing Information

  1. Removing a Staff: To remove a staff member, find their location on the list and press the X.
  2. Changing School Name or Email Domain: If you need to change the email domain or school name or time zone, go to the add teacher screen and press the edit button. Change the information and press "Submit".